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Claims and resolution of disputes for the construction industry


As a result of their extensive experience in project management, COGEREC’s personnel can fully understand the cause and effect of problems leading to the preparation of claims. They can therefore better counsel their clients on the basis and value of the claim and on related consequences and costs. COGEREC’s experts are also called upon to produce high quality expert reports both objective and precise.

    •   Analysis of contract clauses pertaining to the submittal of claims and
        the settlement of disputes
    •   Analysis of contract administration practices.
    •   On-site monitoring of construction projects for the purpose of claim
        avoidance and/or to ensure the availability of the information
        necessary for the preparation of claims.
    •   Evaluation of the basis and value of potential claims.
    •   Preparation of claims including schedule and productivity analysis
        and impact of changes on cost and schedule.
    •   Assessment of claims and preparation of expert reports.